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The Return of the Musk Ox

The experiment of repopulating the Taimyr Peninsula with the musk ox has enriched Arctic biodiversity. Fifty oxen taken from Alaska and Canada thirty years ago have by now formed a population of several thousand head. The main axis of the film is a year circle of these bison-like animals.


While following the trail of the musk ox along the northernmost latitudes of Eurasia, the film crew meets other inhabitants of these areas: reindeer, polar foxes, snow grouses.


Director and Scriptwriter: Vasili Sarana
Camera: Vasili Sarana
Producer: Riho Västrik
Produced by: Vesilind, TaimyrRosGeo (Russia)
Premiere: March 27, 2008
52 min / Digital Betacam / 16:9 / Stereo



International Wildlife Film Festival Missoula, USA (May 2008) 2 Honorable Mentions (for Educational value and for Presentation of Natural History
NaturVision 2008, Neuschönau, Germany (July 2008) – 2. prize in international cathegory
Baikal International Festival of documentary, popular-science
and educational films “People and environment” Irkutsk, Russia (September 2008), Greenpeace’s prize
Matsalu Nature Film Festival, (September 2008), best in the cathegory “Man and Nature”
International Documentary Film Festival on Parks, Sondrio, Italy (October 2008), 2. prize
Wildlife Vaasa, Terranova Nature Film Festival, Vaasa, Finland, (November 2008), best natural history film
Orobie Film Festival, Italy (January 2009) “Premio Speciale/ Premio Montagna Italia 2009” (Engl. Special Award/ Italian Mountain Award)
Japan Wildlife Film Festival (August 2009), prize in the category “Man and the nature”

Russian National prize “Laurel” for the best popular scientific film 2008