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The Pigeons

People despise pigeons, the dirty birds picking on leftovers from the trash, always stuttering around the grey apartment houses. The passers-by hush the birds off their way, as they do with people, the ones with tragic life stories. Oleg takes the blows of fate with infantile fatalism because he always has his pigeons to go to. Nadežda cannot cope with the loss of her husband and is hoping that God will one day reunite the two of them.


How to find the strength to keep on living? Suitably for her, a traditional Russian Orthodox Church is being built in the apartment-house district. Many people come to the church but for Oleg and Nadežda, the church proves to be a bit overwhelming in its indifferent greatness. The Pigeons is a creative documentary about the strength of hope of a simple man.


Director Kadriann Kibus
Cinematographer Laur Lugima
Composer Arian Levin
Sound design Ekke Västrik
Producer Riho Västrik