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Life on the Mother River

Little Alexander Remek and his father discover the wild water kingdom of the Emajõgi.


The Suur-Emajõgi, Estonia’s most formidable waterway, constitutes a prolific acquatic system full of wildlife. Little Alexander Remek and his cinematographer father discovers the secrets of this fascinating world. Through the father and the son pair, the viewer sees the hidden life of eagles, beavers, minks, otters, snipes and many others.


Script: Remek Meel, Liina Triškina
Director-cinematographer: Remek Meel
Producer: Riho Västrik
Editor: Liina Triškina
Composer: Janek Murd
Artist: Okeiko
Text editor: Madis Jürgen
Length: 58 min.
Master: Bluray and/or DCP
1080p HD
Sound: stereo, 5.1


© OÜ Vesilind 2015


Matsalu Nature Film Festival 2015, best director in cathegory Nature