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Journey to Ararat

“Journey to Ararat” is a documentary road movie focusing on the Ararat mountain which has strong ties to Estonia. Baltic-German Friedrich Parrot (1791-1841), born in Estonia, climbed the peak of Ararat (5137 m) together with five companions in 1829 as the first Westerner.
Riho Västrik and science historian Erki Tammiksaar search for the traces of Parrot in Armenia and Turkey and climb the summit of Ararat exactly 180 years after Parrot.
The film separates into two parts – the first about the cultural voyage in Armenia, the second about the mountain conquest in Turkey.

Director-Producer: Riho Västrik
Cinematographers: Joosep Matjus, Riho Västrik
Composer: Sven Grünberg
Editing: Liina Trishkina
Sound post-production: Ekke Västrik
Year of completion: 2011
Running time: 68 min