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Bonus track

Sven Grünberg is a composer, musician, Buddhist thinker, the “importer” of Dalai Lama, the father – to name some role in his life. Of course, he is also a son, a husband, a brother, teacher, man. He is a personality with well-established world view. Despite contact with Buddhism, he is a man with strict expression, who is always ready to take a responsibility for what he said.


A few years ago Grünberg suffered complicated heart surgery and began to look on life differently. “Bonus Track” portrays post-surgery Sven Grünberg, while he continues to create new music, takes care that his earlier works be arranged, raising preschool daughter and organizing for the third time the visit of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama in to Estonia.


Director Riho Västrik
Cinematographers Ants Tammik, Riho Västrik and the others.
Length 80 min
script: Margit Keerdo-Dawson, Riho Västrik
Year of production 2016