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Big River

The Lena is the greatest river in Russia, constituting a true lifeline for all who live in its basin. In the central section, the Lena extends to 30 km in width in places, while the delta in the lower section has 150 branches. Nevertheless, this giant is like any other river in that it begins as a small trickle on the northern slopes of the Baikal Range. The Lena’s upper section boasts with a unique natural landscape, which has been strictly protected from human intervention during the past 30 years. Here is the kingdom of the brown bear, here are ancient Siberian pine groves.


Director Vasili Sarana
Cinematographers Arvo Vilu, Vasili Sarana, Joosep Matjus
Producer Riho Västrik


The title consists of two independent series: A Journey To The Source Of Lena; and Delta.